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Dark Attraction Productions is a full-service haunted attraction design and construction company located in Southern California. The company's founder, Joe Manzo, has designed and built haunted houses since 1992. He has operated a successful commercial haunted attraction in Southern California, Ultimate Nightmares Haunted House, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2005.

We currently maintain a year-round production facility in Southern California. We specialize in complete haunted attractions to fit any budget. We also design and build many items for use in haunted attractions, including spinning tunnels and computer controlled, pneumatic animatronics of all kinds.

Dark Attraction Productions has built haunted attractions for clients across the United States, including:

Kennesaw, GA,
Round Lake Beach, IL
Altamont, NY
Burbank, CA
Thousand Oaks, CA
Winchester, VA
Louisville, KY
Phoenix, AZ
Lansing, MI
Eureka Springs, AR
Modesto, CA

What sets Dark Attraction Productions apart from other haunted attraction builders?

Dark Attraction is able to offer complete haunted attraction packages at very competitive prices. We can customize an attraction package to fit almost any budget.

A complete event:
We take care of every detail.

Advantages over other "cookie cutter" designs:
A custom attraction with many unique scene designs. Your customers will not see an event like this anywhere else.

Important factors in the design of a haunted attraction:

1. Safety/accessibility

Q: Is the attraction designed in a way to ensure the safety of the customers? Are there enough exits? Will the City and County fire departments allow the attraction to open? Is the event ADA compliant?

A: We have a proven track record in safety. Safety is a top priority in the design, construction, and operation of our haunted attractions. We will work with you to ensure compliance with local Building and Fire officials.

2. Construction cost

Q: Does the design allow efficient use of labor and materials?

A: A background in construction and theatre are important for any professional haunted attraction builder. We have the experience. Knowing the best way to build the structural components and scenery comes from extensive research and real-world experience.

3. Labor cost

Q: Does every employee have a job that is important and necessary for the success of the attraction?

A: Live actors are the most important part of a haunted attraction. Because it is not always practical to maintain a huge staff, we design our attractions to maximize the efforts of each and every actor.

4. Throughput

Q: Are the customers waiting in line too long? Are they leaving before they pay?

A: Our maze designs allow for excellent throughput. We have developed techniques to significantly increase throughput without lessening the experience for the customer.

5. Customer satisfaction

Q: Will your customers pay to go in a second or third time? Will they return and bring their friends? Will they talk about the attraction at work or school? Will they return next year? Does the quality of the attraction reflect well on your organization or business?

A: We consider our maze designs to be the most advanced in the industry today. We accomplish this by using our extensive knowledge of all facets of the haunted attraction industry. We are working year-round to build a better attraction by reading every book, magazine, and watching every video we can get our hands on. We are on the internet daily looking for new ideas and sharing information through message boards and e-mail lists.

Our haunted attractions will provide the customer with an exciting, interactive experience that they will not soon forget. Providing a top-notch haunted house experience is what we do best.

Sights: Our haunted attraction will be filled with an incredible amount of detail for the most realistic experience possible. Our Hollywood-quality sets and props will amaze everyone who dares enter. Our huge repertoire of scares is sure to keep the adrenaline pumping for your customers.

Sounds: The most important (and most often overlooked) aspect of a haunted attraction is the sound. Most haunted attractions use a central audio system with a generic soundtrack. Our attractions use scene-specific audio to create the perfect atmosphere for each scare.

Theme: We can design an attraction to fit virtually any theme. Some typical themes include: haunted mansion, military-industrial, asylum, castle, 3D, and many more.

6. Quality. Every Dark Attraction Productions product is built to last, using only high quality, industrial grade components.